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Pianist with multiple influences, Sonia Raynaud draws her inspiration from her travels, and performs on various public/private stages, ranging from high-end and prestigious universes to more atypical and intimate places in France and abroad.
The composer likes to explore the different riches of the musical world, by creating "hybrid" pieces, where the lyricism of classical music, melodies with pop accents and more electro sounds rub shoulders.
With this mix, Sonia Raynaud wishes to open solo piano music to a wider audience, by offering a varied palette of colors, more refined melodic themes, sometimes minimalist.
And it is with his fine and delicate playing mixed with intense reflection that his compositions and his musical interpretations touch the deepest.

Selection 2023
Blue hour I and Mermaid song, 2 titles selected in the "cinematic" section by the association of music supervisors (ASM) in partnership with Cannes soundtrack.

Music on courts 2023 in Sceaux: Selection for the writing of a short film

It was after a long course of study at the classical conservatory, which allowed her to establish a solid instrumental technique, rigor and a sharp musical culture, that Sonia Raynaud felt the need to write her own compositions.
At the dawn of her 32 years, the young composer released her first album in January 2021.
"En solitaire"and on this beautiful momentum, his second album"Infinity".
These two albums written in Normandy, on the flowered coast, are the reflection of a writing with marine colors, tinged with spray, lulled by the perpetual movement of the sea.

At the same time, Sonia Raynaud initiates projects with artists from different musical universes as a soloist or small group but also through various collaborations: classical/contemporary dancers, world music, musical improvisation on short films, creation of a cine-concert

Attracted to the piano at a very young age, Sonia Raynaud began taking her first lessons at the age of 6.
Holder of a degree in musicology from the University of Bordeaux, she then perfected her instrumental technique at the conservatories of Angoulême and Poitiers alongside Rachel Torres Mcfarling, Catherine Schneider and Alain Villard.
From then on, she joined chamber music and accompaniment classes, but also those of musical training, composition and written harmony.
At the same time, she does numerous internships and masterclasses with different pianists in order to deepen and enrich her universe.

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