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What is musical scenography?

It is a unique musical composition that reveals the soul and the beauty of your project.
The realization can be adapted to all types of events, whether it's a wedding, a charity gala, a company party or an exhibition... the possibilities are endless.
This tailor-made composition, sculpted and worked, like a jewel, highlights the DNA of your event.
It accurately tells and captures the story of your project.
She comes to dress it and sublimate it.
This sound design, allows a total immersive experience for your guests.
A journey where all the senses are awakened.

It is a powerful, living and vibrant tool. An experience rich in emotions.

For whom, for what?

The musical scenography is created for (among others): A company
An event (exhibition dressing, presentation of a collection, a fashion show, etc.)
A monument, an emblematic place of a region
A museum

For this, we work together, hand in hand, to create a unique piece that matches your project.
My capacities of fine and hard-hitting perceptions, my innovative vision, and my professional experience are put at your service to realize together a unique immersive project.

If you want to create a tailor-made musical universe for your event, please contact me via the contact tab.

Discover the testimonials of the different institutions at the bottom of the page.

Scénographie: À propos


Portrait musical fin et delicat.jpg

"Sonia did the sound design for my company, selflovehome. 

At first, I wanted to add music to a video for my new website. 

When I received the composition "Hope", I immediately realized that I had much more than that: it had just created my musical identity! It was magical, each note vibrated to the sound of my universe. 

  "Hope" is an integral part of my graphic and visual elements. I can use it on all my networks. 

I recommend Sonia 100%, her talent and sensitivity make her work marvelous."

Clementine Chatroussat, SelfLoveHome


I would like to thank Sonia with all my heart for the magnificent sound identity she created for the "Belle Normandie" account. His talent as a pianist gave life to my vision and gave a soul to this project. The music perfectly reflects the spirit that I wanted to convey through this account. She is an exceptional artist and I am honored that she agreed to collaborate with me. Once again, thank you very much for everything.

François "Belle Normandie"

Scénographie: Témoignages
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